Why you are afraid of public speaking

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The reason why you are afraid of public speaking starts with a story many years ago. You are alive today, because all your ancestor before you have managed to survive and pass on their genes. Not just some of them, but every single one before you, have succeeded in this.

Many many generations ago, our forefathers had to hunt to survive and this is where your story starts. On a sunny summer morning, one of your ancestors went for a hunt with his wife. After spending hours on tracking, looking and running, they accidentally came across a huge hairy animal with monstrous claws and jaws. They had never seen anything like it;  knees were shaking and every hair on they body stood up. This couple was brave however, they did not want to run back to the village and be called a coward; so they gathered all their courage and with spears, knifes and hands attacked that animal.
But, they had no chance, with a single blow the beast ended their lives.

They never returned to home and because the villagers were always in need of food, another hunter couple was sent to get meat. After 2 days of tracking and looking also they came across this unknown animal. The beast roared and stepped the ground while showing its huge teeth. The couple was afraid; they had never seen such an animal and had no idea what to do. And still, they knew exactly what their next move should be; they threw away their weapons and ran for their life!

The couple, got back to the village, married and had a family. They survived, not because of bravery and courage but because they was afraid. The man of that couple, he was one of your great, great, great great grand father.

When you understand this concept, you will realize that you are the captain of your destiny. So regardless of what has happened before, you have the chance to change it. Starting from today, we will say goodbye to the man and woman who ran away, and say Hallo to the brave, who will stand and fight instead, You will learn to take control of your own life and face any beast of danger life throws at you.

We may survive longer when  in face of danger, when we run away. But we only grow and become stronger when we fight and stay! With over 7 billion people around the world, most of them afraid, it is time to be brave again, become the person you believe you are and live the live you wish to live.