Why do I keep failing

Man with the golden donkey

You are here because you want to know why you keep failing. Nobody knows the Universe and therefore anyone who claims to know the Key to success is full of shit. People may be able to tell you how they succeeded, but never 100% accurately, how you can succeed in the long term.

You keep failing because of a few factors: 

  • You do not want it bad enough, therefore you do not take it seriously. 
    • If you are serious about what you want, work harder, try more and try in different ways.
  • You have encountered too much adversity so far. 
    • Again, if you are serious about this, keep trying.
  • You are simply not good at it. 
    • Some things are not for everyone, know when it is time to quit and move to something better.

To conclude, there is no 100% certainty in life. And success never has just one form. Success can come in many forms and the only way you can discover these is to keep trying and working your ass off for it. If you must know, the key to success is you, because you are the only one who can make a real difference.