Why am I smart but not successful

should I quit my job if it makes me unhappy

You know the answer to all the questions you have. Even to the big Why am I smart but not successful  question.

  • Short answer why you are smart but not successful: You do not care!
  • Long answer why you are smart but not successful: Within the rules of the universe, success is never linked directly to being smart. Smart is just a definition of mankind and so is success. Let me explain this:

If you are in the jungle, surrounded by wild animals and bare naked where your success = survival, then you will not succeed. Without a doubt you are smarter than all the animals, but you will not survive. Let us put it this way, your chances of survival would be higher if you would be a dumb animal. As you let this thought marinade your brain, let us get to the bottom of this:

First of all, know that success comes in many forms and everyone has something which others envy. Even you! even you have something that others would like to have, period.

Secondly, know that being smart is a relative term which can bring you benefits in certain situations. Your job is to find the environment where your “smartness” is at its best. For instance, if you can place yourself in a situation where you have any weapons, then suddenly it will be a breeze to survive in the jungle.

Secret to being smart and succesful

So if you are so smart, then why are you not successful? This depends a part on luck; where you were born, raised etcetera. And this depends for a larger part on your attitude;  can convince me that for the past 3 years, you have done everything within your power to improve your life? Chances are that you won’t. And that is alright because most of us want something but are not really ready of prepared to pay the price for it.

Most of us want success, just WANT because we look at others and just envy. While we do little in reality to get to that point. Hence, if you really believe that you are smart and like to make a difference then start by writing down what success means to you. Is it more money? Is it health? Is it family? Once you have written that down, think about all the possible ways that can enable success for you.

Do you need a Job? Own business? Investment? Money? Fitness membership? Running shoes? Girlfriend? And so on. Then, every day when you rise from your comfortable bed, make sure to invest time and effort in these.

Life guarantees us death and life guarantees us endless possibilities for as long as we live. Care about your life and do not waste the opportunities which you are given.

Do that for one year, and then tell me that you have no success!