There is nothing wrong with a corporate office Job

There is nothing wrong with a corporate office Job

Everybody is trying convince you to quit your job and look for a better one with more money and freedom; I will tell you why there is nothing wrong with a corporate office Job.

Whenever you find yourself in a situation [you are always in some sort of situation] always strive to be aware of the pros and cons. Hence; if your office job is boring but pays your bills and allows you to enjoy life in other ways, then it is not that bad. If your salary is not very high but you do have a lot of freedom and independence, then it is not that bad either.

There are office jobs out there that suck every bit of energy out of you; if you have a choice try to find something better. If you don’t have a choice then stick with it for the sake of the end goal.

Just understand that there is nothing wrong with a corporate office Job per se. It is not the end of the world if you can work at the corporate office while enjoy your life at the same time. Where entrepreneurs have headache and stress about the future of their company; all you have to do is to show up and deliver your work. After that you can go home and make love.

Those who preach about an office-free life, do not understand that if everybody would do that; the modern world would seize to exist. We will always need people to do the boring work, so  that some other may do something more exciting.

And we will always have those who will appreciate what they have, instead of only paying attention on what they do not.


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