The side effects of meldonium

Most Muscular man on the planet

Recently, one of our loved sexy tennis players got caught using drugs she was not allowed to. It may take a while before the side effects of meldonium are known. Until then, one thing is certain; you will be able to perform better and you might be caught. Which can translate into losing your honor and name on the walls of hall of fame.

Makes you wonder…what is sport worth these days if you are no longer competing against a human being but a pharmaceutically enhanced machine?

Time will tell what the true side effects of meldonium are, until then I encourage you to think about the following: If you could be honored and praised for all your achievements, while in reality you would know that all of it is a set up. Would you rather want that or not to be praised at all?

You see, this event also sheds light on life itself; namely, not to envy those who you see under the spotlights. Because things are rarely what they seem to be and life is always more beautiful than you can imagine.

In this case, the side effects of meldonium are to show us that life, no matter how well presented is always full of surprises. And you should never envy another for what he has but rather appreciate what you have.