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Karmaloog Amsterdam

You may hate them if you like, but you cannot deny what they have established together. Karmaloog is a super exclusive brand, located in Amsterdam and founded by two friends. Their collection is priced with numbers which are so outrageous that they are beautiful. How about € 38,000 for a pair of shoes?

Their collection, although not affordable for most of us, does intrigue and inspire. Karmaloog collection, brings the wild in any many out there and draws your attention. It’s a statement and a way to stand out from the crowd and say F^%$ Y#$ to the status quo.

The animal lovers are complaining about the amount of snake and crocodile that is used to fabricate their creations. And those who do not have the money, bash the products as useless.

So what is so good about Karmaloog ? For one, two guys have managed to beat all the exclusive brands out there and set their mark. Secondly, although they do use animals, so do all the other brands out there; Gucci, Prada, Armani and you name it. It is hypocrite to complain about these guys who have a small collection while on the other side to ignore those that truly have a negative impact.
This is a story about success and two friends who follow their dreams to do something meaningful with their lives.

Even though Karmaloog might expand into Moscow and other regions of the world, where the wealthy need to spend their money, they have started here in Amsterdam and shown us and the rest of the world that dreams can be turned into reality if you put them into practice.

Go ahead and hate Karmaloog all you want, that is your free choice. But that a learning from them as well; namely, regardless of how outrageous your dreams, there are opportunities even in a small country like The Netherlands.