Join my love

I never really believed,
Those who died and those who lived.

For, what do they really know,
About Then and the Now?

There seems to be no beginning,
For nothinig, not even love or suffering.

It is us, it is humans, that come and leave,
And fill life with meaning, as they believe.


Love is endless, infinite all around,
Unfocused beam of light covering beyond Earth and Cloud.

What makes it focus though, what makes time tick,
Is what hat, we choose put on, for our life’s master trick.

There is only one show we play,
One master piece of life-long display.

Hat of love we choose to wear,
One that may bless or tear away.

Where love is key ingredient,
And all rest is always second.

Where there are flavors that frighten me,
And cutlery, I wouldn’t want near me,

Sauces with the most bitter taste,
Conditions, one can’t imagine at his worst or best.

Here I am though, at my grande stage,
To knitt, carve, polish and make my dish emerge.

Convinced, that all may be perfect as they can be,
Yet only when you join me, all light will gather and watch us be.

Never perfect,
Still, one remarkable feat of love’s symphony.