How to be a legendary public speaker

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Follow these tips and learn How to be a legendary public speaker. In order to achieve the status of legendary speaker, there are a few guidelines and tips that will help you become a better public speaker and story teller. And if you combine all these tips and practice them long enough, you will become a legendary public speaker.

  • Have a Cause: Any story or speech you hold, has to contain a core message and hence, have a cause. Something you are eager to achieve and move your audience with.
  • Slow Down:  Speak more slowly than you would like to and pause more often than needed.
  • ▌Body Language: Pay attention to your body language; move less like an ice bear and wave your hands less than Italians do.
  • ▌Eye Contact: Once in a while, pay attention to your audience.
  • ▌Practice: Perfect practice makes perfect, so practice as often as you can.
  • Film Yourself
  • Gestures: This one goes hand in hand with body language, but powerful gestures can help you convey your message in a better day.
  • ▌Listen: Before you learn to speak, first learn to listen.

Now, these are not the final answers to your quest. But this is How to be a legendary public speaker.