What happens if you stop eating meat for a month – Day 22

22 days ago, I asked myself  What happens if you stop eating meat for a month. I promised myself to put the question to the test for a whole month.

In the past days however, I have not managed to stay off the meat completely. I have however, reduced the amount of meat I eat since I used to eat meat everyday!

What I learned is that eating less meat makes us more aware of the price we have to pay for a piece of meat. You become more sensitive to the aspect of killing and eating an animal.

Physical benefits when you stop eating meat

When you stop eating meat of reduce your intake, you will notice that your body feels lighter. And somehow you feel more fit.

What are the long-term benefits of eating no meat?

I truly have no idea. But why don’t you just give it a try yourself. In general, it is good to sometimes challenge your daily routines.