Fuck being Successful and be a FAILURE

Do you ever feel like a failure? Of course you do! The reason why you feel this way is because you look at “successful” people
[whatever that may be]  and compare yourself and your achievements with them. Fuck being successful and be a failure instead I say. I am not able to vouch for you in terms of your ability to reason.
For the sake of kindness however, I assume that you have enough processing power to deal with the following.

No one on this awesome planet composed of only success. Everybody! Everybody!!! is a failure in some way or another.
Do not dare to think that there are people who have no problems or no failures. It’s written all over our DNA!  that we need to worry, envy, want more of useless stuff…and more.

Can you still remember the first question on this post? The answer to that question should be FUCK NO! The sole reason that you are alive, already makes you a success because to this point in time, over 100 billion [ 100,000,000,000] people have died while you are still alive and kicking.

Most people out there want to be successful but have no idea what it means. There is a time to be worried and there is time to fuck being successful and be a failure instead.  What should I do you ask?

  • First, ask yourself what success means to you. It that is truly money, then spend every waking moment to pursue that.
  • Second, quit comparing yourself to others because that is relative and there is always someone who is better. If not today, then tomorrow. Success is just some bullshit stamp society has invented. You know what true success is? If you can look at yourself in the mirror and admire yourself for the principles you have stood for, the battles you have faced and the life you have managed to build with the tools you have been given.

Fuck being successful and be a failure when it comes to mainstream media, nonsense requirements. But strive to protect your own interests and be a success when it comes to fighting for what you believe in.

And for that, you do not need the approval of society or anything/anyone else for that matter. On the same note, you do not need to compare yourself to them to measure how good you are.

Set your own bar for success, set your own terms, define yourself.