We all know that happiness is not only about money and we all know that success is not the appreciation of the crowd.

In order to be happy and feel successful, we have to have some balance of heart and mind. I started MansDrive to share wisdom which I have acquired over the years and in addition inspire others to make a difference while they are alive.
This journey is also about courage and being brave to take the first step.

Greatness has no substitute.
Success knows no shortcuts and nothing which is worth having will come easy.

Life is not an “aha” moment, after which you will be forever successful. Instead, life is about finding the things which inspire you, things which are worth fighting and dying for.

MansDrive will show you most important about life & help you to understand yourself. So you may  find your drive and lead the way. Because the Brave, Lead alone.

Which odyssey will you inspire?

David Pyrs