If you forget why you love me

A novel dedicated to the most ultimate form of love, passion, desire and every bit that love brings with. If you forget why you love me will be the first novel from David Pyrs.

The Brave Lead Alone

My new book The Brave Lead Alone will be out soon.  To change your life in ways only you can imgine.  My new book The Brave Lead Alone will be out soon.  To change your life in ways only you

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Original Love letter Beethoven

The floors sang their song every morning as she passed by.Some cried of agony while others cheered for joy.There I was, listening to what new tunes the next pass would bring along.In my mind, as she got closer and vibrations

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Does Karma exist

“Its Karma!” you hear them say, The moment things won’t go your way. “Someone’s watching from above”, Eager to punish those without love. But what if all that was one big joke? Would you behave or turn rogue? With this

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Waiting for forever

There were two small concrete stairs before the entrance. I stepped up towards the door while for a last moment checking my shoes as I pushed the metal gates open with my arms. The room was clean and bright, but

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Unchain Desire by David Pyrs


Powerful Poetry Collection by David Pyrs

Hearts Way – Unfinished story

Part 1 It has happened before, it happens now, and it will happen again. As I tell you this story. In the year 3000, a man was born to a soldier who was serving in the lower ranks within the

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In the Moment

  It was darkish that night, the outside air pleasantly warm while the wind had gone. In a small room, the doors opened for the unknown time. There entered, the woman with the golden waterfalls.

Love for the Enemy

At the beginning of the twentieth century, in middle of war and devastation, an old man was on his way home with his wagon filled with vegetables and fruits and two mules pulling the chart. It was a very cold

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Beautiful short stories of love – Starlight Woman

There is one star outside the window as I stare towards there. I thought they were two, but its just one and the other is the reflection on my phone’s display. As these words are falling down on this veil

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When do Women Cry

I took the train this morning from Munich to Berlin. It was very cold when I woke up, The heater had stopped working last night, probably because the landlord decided to tease me for not paying the bills for so

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How to write the greatest story

Learn how to write the greatest story by finding inspiration. It can be anything really, as long as your heart rages when you think of it. Writing can set your mind free and take you to different worlds, away from what

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An Unifinished Story of love

Nothing lasts in life. Everything eventually will vanish into the vast emptiness. But, if you believe this, you have been missing something. You see, for things to last, they need to be complete first ,  they need to be solid,

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Day Dreams

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine……………one hundred and one. That was it, no more.  For the past seven hours I had been counting all the passengers in the bus. I was sitting somewhere in the middle, on

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Falling into Life

Raised in the far corners of our wealthy and exclusive society, Julie had become a girl who was full of surprises.

What men do best

It was a rainy February day, I was heading for the sport center to work out a little. As I approached the front door, noise penetrated my eardrums as if it was war.

Girl with the Red apple

Humans….they will ask you the most uncommon questions in the world; what is your favorite food? What is your favorite fruit, drink, place, movie and so on.