Best way to impress a girl on first date

Why are people always looking for shortcuts like best way to impress a girl on first date ? What happened to discovering it yourself ? In a perfect world, I would tell you that the best way to impress a girl on first date is to go on many first dates and figure out what works for you.

You want a girl in your life, that is easy to understand. If you have missed our Fastest way to get a girlfriend then know what it is rather easy to get a girlfriend. The challenge is to keep the relationship strong and healthy. Since we do not all have the time to go on multiple dates, we seek shortcuts to skip the “bad date experiences” and go right to the perfect date. That is understandable as long as you take it seriously.

Here are the top 5 best ways to impress a girl on first date: 

  1. Groom yourself: Forget the “I like to be myself” nonsense and take good care of your appearance before your date is ON. Just like no one is eager to eat a bad-looking meal, girls will not be attracted to you if you look bad. Make an effort to look good!
  2. Listen & Respond: A date is not about talking all the time. It is about getting to know her and responding to what she says. A date is also NOT about telling her your opinions; that will come later. A first date is about having fun and you can get pretty far by listening and by not being judgmental.  Do not judge her based on her opinions and the way she thinks but rather listen.
  3. Girls love gifts: Bring her something small in the form of a gift. If you are able to figure in advance what she is into. Get her a little present that shows you made an effort.
  4. Don’t be Cheap: This is not about taking her to a nice restaurant you actually cannot afford; do not pretend to be someone you are not. This is rather about experiences which are priceless 😉 . And experiences do not always have to be bought.  Take her to a nice place/location/environment which is unique and which shows her that you made an effort
    [ small secret: every person with a normal mind, appreciates effort] to find and arrange.
  5. RELAX! Look man, it is your first date. And if you want to know about the best way to impress a girl on first date then take this tip seriously. It is your first date and you have nothing to lose since you do not yet know her.
    Just relax and be yourself [ focus on the best parts of you]. Behave yourself, Be a gentleman and have fun. Maybe you are nervous, but so is she. Behave like a man, relax and enjoy.

At the end of the day, some dates are just not meant to be. Do not scrutinize yourself if a date goes bad. Stay true to yourself and your principles but do not be lazy and say “Well, I believe my hair should be messy”.
Because if that is the case, then stop chasing gorgeous girls who DID take care of their hair and go for some hobo. That will give you some insights why its important to groom yourself 😉

Follow top 5 tip on the best way to impress a girl on first date, and you will see that your date success rate is going to increase.

Life is awesome! Go out there and enjoy it.