Best career advice to help you become succesful

Clean up your life

Many years ago, an old man told me about the best career advice to help you become successful. He said that the secret to success in your career, is to stay committed and always try your best. Because whatever your job is at the moment, that is your best job. Because that is what you have; the rest is either in the past or in the future.

Another great advice for success in your career is to stand out from the crowd. This does not imply that you are ought to do stupid things but rather stand out by showing initiative and standing behind our believes.

So to become successful in your career, remember the following and where possible, apply: 

  • Show initiative and be pro-active.
  • Act as if it your own business and care about what you do.
  • If you have a budget, spend it as if it’s your own money.
  • Whenever you have something to say which can make the company better, say it. There is no award for being shy.
  • Do not gossip, complain or show negative behavior. If you see something which you do not like: do something about it and inspire others!