If you had only 13 days to live

Man with the golden donkey

Do not ask me why 13 days and not 10. The real question is not what the right amount of days are; the real question is what you will do with your remaining days. The reality is that you will

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Knowing the right from the wrong

Best things to spend my money on

After the bull is slayed, Butchers gather around the shed. To sing their songs of joy and happiness, And dream of the stew, with all its tenderness. The bull can no longer roar, for he is already dead, So the butchers

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Why is respect so important in a friendship

Most perfect man in the world

Respect, will move the crowd, without the cuts of your whip. It will set your love on fire, without your first to force desire. I can teach you about respect, in a time when fewer care. I can teach you common sense,

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What is your purpose

Mans Drive

You know where you are! The same place you were yesterday and hopefully the same place you will be tomorrow. But that is not the answer you seek. You are looking for how find yourself in world where everything is

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How to stay true to myself

A perfect Man

How do I stay true to myself when everyone is eager to change me. When nothing in life is ever the same and not a day goes by like yesterday. Stay true to yourself regardless of what the rest tells

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Smartest Joke in the World

How to heal a broken heart after infidelity

Once upon a time, there was an old man who lived close to Los Angeles. He was living by himself because his son was in prison because he was a suspect of a murder. As summer approached, the old man

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How to know the right from wrong when you are young

I am Lazy and Unmotivated

I wish there would be a universal truth which I would give to you and be done with it; when it comes to right or wrong however, there is not one way to know the right from wrong when you

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Overcome pain of broken heart

Overcome pain of broken heart

Why don’t you take a break, From all that you have at stake. Take a step back from your longings, Get rid of all the nonsense belongings. Why don’t you dig deep in your heart, And find the pain which

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Quotes for the strong minded

The Brave lead Alone

You need to understand, that this life you have been given may not be exactly the way you wanted. It may not go the direction you have in mind. Still, these are not opportunities for you to complain and justify any

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Best adsense alternative methods

We all know it, AdSense is not to keen on being kind. Hence, they may just ban you without reason. One of the best options I have found for a best adsense alternative method is RevenueHits. The application process is

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Motivational Poetry

There is no difference in where you come from, Where you’re headed or your skin tone. You are the one, to love yourself, Before your heart lands on a shelf. This is my life, this is my time! To Love

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Woman in my world

You are a woman in my world, You cause, great stories to unfold. You have inspired most epic novels, Given birth to legendary marvels. You are a woman, in my world, Your essence, has led men to onslaught. You have

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Man with the golden donkey

Man with the golden donkey

His name was Pyrs and he had a donkey names Joseph. In the villages, Mr Pyrs was known as the Man with the golden donkey. Donkey was old and bruised; after all the years of working in the corn fields, he

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Most perfect woman in the world

Overcome pain of broken heart

From the moment of first ever light, She  pays a visit to mind and night. Part Hollywood, part a Dream, She is the best of all creme. A creation of heart and mind, She will turn your life into Wonderland.

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Motivational video for 2015

Find your Drive

Truly missing someone

Dear mighty ruler, of my skies above, Soon you’ll carry her to another shore. With your Drive, fancy Wings  & Belly, You’ll take her towards Mickey & Minnie, but away from me. Your shoulders heavy, Your belly full, Your wings

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Avoiding bad women

Where to find inspiration

You will meet bad women in your life one way or another. First, you may even like her but at the end of the track you will learn your mistake. If you find yourself with a bad woman, do not

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Should I quit WhatsApp

Block numbers on nokia e52

Yes! That is the short answer. If you are in need of more reason on why you should quit WhatsApp, here they are:

What matters most in life

Reach for the Top, But never because of me, Never because! of me. And strive to be as great as you can be, With all reasons, but those to please me. Look up and envy all that you want. And

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Self Pity

I am Lazy and Unmotivated

Animals are said to have no self pity; they live and die each and every day without ever having felt sorry for themselves. “Self-pity is the psychological state of mind of an individual in perceived adverse situations who has not

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Killing with kindness

Kill me… with kindness, Set my heart, in envious flames. Hold my hand, While I am soaked in haterate. Be the new pulse, To my dying heart! rate. Let us embark on journeys, Let us collect  memories. I will hate

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Five most important things in life

Mans Drive

To live a life of purpose and success you need to set yourself goals to pursue. Fundamental goals, which you seek to follow regardless your situation. You may have countless of goals in mind, yet when you strip away the

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I am fat lazy and unmotivated

Best Sixpack in the World

Like to hear a secret? You are fat, lazy and unmotivated, not because of some super back-luck. But because you have chosen to be so. We can sit here and elaborate on centuries worth of leterature on genetics and other

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How to measure how smart I am

David Pyrs

If you are nuts enough to ask yourself how to measure how smart you are, I urge you to remain nuts and read through this message.

Why Time Matters

Clean up your life

He lay there looking up into the sky, far beyond where clouds once were and sun used to shine. It was night now; the sky was painted by so many stars that even counting them would take him a lifetime

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Beauty of ugliness

Finest Ass Ever Made DavidWho

Not all we see is beautiful, Not all that is beautiful,we see. Truth we may find in pools of evil, While not all evil holds the truth. Smile may veil all beauty, Smile may set me free.

Money is Freedom

Man lifting the sea, To hold the sea on your shoulders

Money is freedom you hear people say: when asked about how important it is. Who can blame them? Money allows you to do the things you want, whenever you want and wherever you want. Provided that you are healthy and

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Unchain Desire by David Pyrs


Powerful Poetry Collection by David Pyrs

Secret to always win an argument

You are here because you would like to win arguments. Now the secret to always win an argument is easy and a long kept one. It is however one very hard to master.

Most honest Limu Original Review

I came across the Limu drink and wondered about whether or not to buy it. After having read many reviews, which all seemed to be rigged and aimed at promoting their own Limu Business, I decided to simply order it and try out. So that

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