Beauty of ugliness

Not all we see is beautiful,
Not all that is beautiful,we see.

Truth we may find in pools of evil,
While not all evil holds the truth.

Smile may veil all beauty,
Smile may set me free.

Exercise motivation tips

You know what motivates me to exersice? It is not the fat I need to lose, or the less developed muscles I note.

It is the intensity I feel when working out, the sweat that glides down my face and the ultimate power I feel in my muscles after the workout. When my lungs are clean and my heart is beating fast. I feel alive. Ultimately, the little changes I notice after each training. Of course, not a bad thing to mention; all the fine ladies I see working their asses off in the gym.  Continue reading

What matters in life and beyond

Mans Drive Importance of LoyaltyThere is The Internet, and with that comes everything and everyone. We all have things to say and to do. We all have our own set of character. In life however, there are a few universal values which are good to have. One of these values is Loyalty.

One of the great examples of loyalty is shown by dogs. A dog is not loyal to just anyone and everyone. Even a dog can make a destinction between who matters most in his life and who does not. Continue reading

Feed optimism kill pessimism

Man lifting the sea, To hold the sea on your shouldersYou will find that most of us think to have control over the things we do. And in most cases we actually do so. When it comes to our own feelings however, somehow many of us claim to have no powers. I am going to teach you how you can Feed optimism and kill pessimism in your life. So that from this day onwards, you will start to understand and harness the power of your feelings.  Continue reading

Difference between real and fake online profiles

This particular topic is important to share, as many guys and girls have fallen for the scam of a beautiful person who chatted with them online.

When it comes to knowing the difference between real and fake online profiles, there are a few things you can do.

  • Take the picture which is posted and search in google images to see if that is not just a stolen image. To do this, simply go to google images and upload the picture you want to search for on the Internet.
  • If the person talking to you simply seems too hot to be true and definitely hotter than anyone you have dated before, then chances are that she or he will be a scammer. Just because you are online does not mean that hot people will be into you.
  • As a final note, forget online dating. Why waste your time in a virtual world when the real life out there is waiting for you with more amazing men and women. And what is more, you will in most cases see what you get and skip to the next chapter much easier. Only when you live in regions where men/women are hard to find, is a good excuse to use online dating. In any other case, do not use that as an excuse and start living the life you are supposed to.